Bishop Sanborn Spring Visit


His Excellency Bishop Donald J. Sanborn and faithful

Sunday, May 7th, Easter III. 

              It is with tremendous joy that we welcomed His Excellency Bishop Donald J. Sanborn to Queen of All Saints Chapel in Fresno for his annual spring visit.  His Excellency delivered a stirring message in his sermon for Easter III Sunday.  Traditional Catholics who believe they are immune to the cultural contagion of Modernism and Liberalism because they attend the Traditional Latin Mass and Sacraments. He emphasized the power of culture and media and its ability to erode Catholic morals, modesty and piety. Eventually Traditional Catholics will become unwittingly the “lukewarm” and promoters of modernism within a Traditional Catholic exterior if they don’t guard against liberal societal enculturation.

           In this Post Vatican II era, modernist Rome struggles to find presbyters and thus promote the compromise of the long-held tradition of a celibate priesthood. Evidence of the fruit of the so-called reformers of New Church is the vacancies of seminaries, monasteries and convents across the globe.  In contrast, Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville Florida, a bastion of Traditional Catholic Doctrine and Theology for the formation of the true Catholic Priesthood, is in dire need of expansion. Please remember our seminary and seminarians in your prayers and financial support.

May God bless and Mary our Holy Mother keep you always,

Queen of All Saints Fresno